If job hunting sucks, why are so many people doing it?

Applying for jobs blows.

That’s not news but it is something that’s driven into my brain every time I look at another vapid job postings on Indeed.

To compensate, I’ve become like Gen Z and don’t read the full things — more accurately, I don’t read anything, which is amazing b/c I’m Gen X and I’m a writer and former English teacher. I live for reading and writing and red pens!

But now, if there’s an easy way to apply, I’m in. Hire me. WTF do I care?

This is likely why I keep applying for jobs for which 400+ other people have also applied. We all like easy and just want the cash associated with the job, not the pointless job itself.

Back in my LinkedIn days, I’d screen that how-many-applicants stat before applying for a role. But Indeed — it’s a tricky little muther and doesn’t tell you how many other schmucks have also tossed their proverbially meaningless hats in until AFTER you hit submit.


It’s Day 3. Where Are My Offers?

BTW, it’s only day 3 of my 30 days, 200 applications test with Indeed. I’m calling it a test now because there’s no fucking way this will work.

I’ve had no calls or offers yet. I did have a flush, I think.

Today’s answer to the flush letter? It’s as personal as the application I guess I submitted.

The lack of progress has me concerned, altho I’m obviously not giving this my all. Yes, I’ve vowed to write ZERO cover letters, but I’m already feeling desperate so I break down and write one today. It’s half-assed so I’m not sure it counts.

But this thing with hundreds of people applying, that gets me thinking: why? I mean, none of these gigs is amazing or even desirable. They all obviously suck enough to need to beg people to work for them on Indeed. Odds are good that if I took any of the jobs I’ve applied for, I’d be just as miserable as I am in my own underpaid, vapid role. But that’s not the point.

I remember growing up and hearing people — my dad included — tout their length of service with the same employer. This was before office work included foosball tables and in-house yoga sessions, before Tuesdays required the bribe of free food and after-work DnD parties.

These were the glory days of American icons, like Archie Bunker and Ronald Reagan, when employees were dedicated and loyal to employers, goddamnit. When you made an honest living, earned 2 weeks of paid vacation, and if you were management, like my dad, fought hard against employee unions. You spent your time lamenting bleeding-heart liberals and tree huggers (I’m looking at you, Ralph Nader) because … corporations are people (yes, Mitt, you too) and people? They suck.

Just like the employers. But, again, not the point, regardless of what Johnny Paycheck said, although it was his era, too.


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