Indeed and the Very Dumb Idea

My Indeed experiment is feeling like a really dumb idea.

First, 200 resumes in 30 days as a normal human is crazy. I managed to shoot off about 16 last week, which was painful because they required me to read at least that many job descriptions. I should be more Gen Z and just randomly hit submit without reading. I’m pretty sure that will turn up as my week 4 goal.

Second, that 200? I miscalculated and have been thinking that would be 4 weeks at 25 applications each. It’s 50 per week, so I’m already 34 behind. Are there even 34 relevant openings to apply for in my fields?

Third, nearly 2k applicants on at least 1 of the jobs I applied to. WTF?

Forth, and maybe this is the most important, I don’t really know anyone who has ever landed a gig through Indeed. LinkedIn? Yes. Lots of those. Indeed? No.

Okay, kinda a lie. I do know 1 person who got a job through Indeed and it was a pretty senior job with good pay.

He was fired from that job 3 months later.

The reason? According to his supervisor, the c-suite head of marketing, it was because he wanted to do the job he was hired for. She, however, wanted him to do something else. She didn’t actually tell him what she wanted him to do. She just listened or maybe heard what she wanted to hear.

She, btw, was his 3rd supervisor in 3 months. And, yes, I worked with him at my current employer, which is where this all went down.

Shitty employers, like mine, hire with Indeed.

But I’m not throwing in the towel yet … mostly because that’s what I’d normally do and it’s only been a week. Beside, I promised myself I was going to stop drinking wine this month and that lasted all of a day. This will be different.

How am I doing?

My week 1 stats look like this:

  • 18 jobs applied for
  • 6 jobs “saved” (b/c they seemed more awful than the others?)
  • 1 job “closed” and not selected by employer
  • 4,675 people waiting to hear back on my applied-for jobs that haven’t seen any employer movement.
  • 0 contacts from employers

And Why Hasn’t My Review Been Posted?

My new favorite WTF with Indeed: employer reviews. I submitted one — or at least answered a question about my current employer — on January 29.

It’s now 8 days later and the answer still hasn’t been moderated.

Fun fact: no reviews of my current employer have been added since some unrealistically glowing review was posted 2 months ago.

Since then, we fired more than 10% of the staff. No one wrote a complaint?

I’m not buying it. And YTF does indeed need to moderate my answer to their question? I’m the one who works at the company. Seems like I’d be the better option to determine whether I knew what I was talking about.

Or maybe Indeed is just trying to ensure everything seems super positive so shitty employers keep spending money to post jobs on their site (that turnover 3 months later…).


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