• Can a suspension actually be permanent?

    TLDR: Twitter tells Marjorie Taylor Greene to stop tweeting from her account — and claims that it’s forever. In its long history of esteemed bans, MGT was told by Twitter to go sit in a corner and stop telling lies about COVID after rattling off a series of 19 COVID lies on New Year’s day […]


  • Writer or editor?

    “Writer or editor?” It’s the kind of question that would come up all the time back when I was interviewing for jobs where I’d inevitably be asked to do both and neither at the same time. Usually it was asked by someone in the 30-ish crowd who found themself to be utterly amusing, never realizing […]

  • Alexa, is Dennis Franz still alive?

    I asked Alexa tonight if Dennis Franz is still alive. She didn’t say “yes,” or rattle off some birth stats that she “found on the web.” Her response was more direct: “Dennis Franz is still alive.” No justification, no reason, just a confirmation that I was on the right track. Yes, Alexa has a stock […]

  • When Kenny Rogers died

    Somehow, Kenny Rogers’ death turns into two hours of me regaling my family about 1970s variety shows. The conversation, which is likely just me monologuing, moves from Kenny Rogers to Glen Campbell to John Denver, Steve Lawrence and Edie Gorme, and finally Stiller and Meara, who are by far the most memorable of the bunch […]

  • Alabama, where abortion is just another team sport

    I spent a large portion of my childhood in Alabama. Birmingham to be exact. It’s called the Magic City, but I never figured out why because there’s was nothing magical about it. There were some great parts about living in Alabama. You could ride a new bike on Christmas morning. You were only a few […]

  • Is anyone else offended by Happy Mothers’ Day?

    Quick digression from the usual here, but is anyone else bothered when they’re told “Happy Mother’s Day!” by someone who isn’t their child? I know this probably seems silly, but when the term is tossed around all willy-nilly by passersbys at Walmart, the person in front of my house picking up recycling, or a guilt-ridden […]

  • I have a 16 year old son. No, this isn’t a bad time for him.

    Yesterday. I’m in class when my instructor — a woman about my own age with a Ph.D. in education — says that this is a dangerous time to be a man, that we should fear for our sons. The statement hit home for me, but not because I agree with her. Because it’s complete, utter […]

  • Insanity: Wasting time on a definition when there’s actual shit to do.

    Insanity: Wasting time on a definition when there’s actual shit to do.

    You know how they say “insanity” is doing the same shit over and over again and expecting a different result? That’s total bullshit that originated in mind of some out-of-touch brainiac who never had to run a house, shuttle kids, go to Costco, do laundry, balance a checkbook, run a business or make a new […]

  • That Time YouTube Thought I Was a Racist …

    That Time YouTube Thought I Was a Racist …

    Friday. I’m working on a how-to guide for a client, which means I’m poring over a dozen or so homegrown videos that their underpaid and over exploited college-student staff created. The videos are usually pretty dreadful, although this batch isn’t as bad as most, which makes me wonder if they brought in outside help. Really […]

  • Equal rights call for equal sarcasm

    Rebuttal letter to the editor. Honestly I had no idea how to address this guy’s archaic notions of women’s position in society so I went for sarcasm. You can read the original letter (the one I’m rebutting) by clicking the link in the text below. I could not agree more with the sentiment behind James […]